CGI images of a luxury apartment in London

CGI of apartment in London - bedroom

Location: London, United kingdom

Challenge: to achieve the utmost level of ultra-realism in our 3D visualization by carefully harmonizing textures, materials, and reflections, especially in the context of our luxury apartment design.

Project aim: 4 Ultrarealistic 3D renders of an apartment in London

Our story:

To craft CGI images of a luxury apartment in London that would redefine elegance and comfort, was a very engaging experience for our designers team. This opulent space showcase four distinct rooms, each designed with precision and a unique style.


The first room to come to life was the sumptuous bedroom. Its classic luxury style exuded a timeless charm. The centerpiece of the room was a king-size bed with a grand velvet bedboard, which added an air of opulence. Flanking the bed were two stylish nightstands, adorned with elegant lamps that cast a warm and inviting glow. Positioned behind these lamps was a symmetrical arrangement of mirrors, reflecting the room’s beauty from every angle. The entire floor was adorned with plush carpeting, creating a soft and inviting atmosphere.

Completing the bedroom’s ensemble was a stylish bookstand, an inviting armchair, and a magnificent painting adorning one of the walls. This room, rendered in 3D, captured every detail flawlessly, from the intricate design of the bed to the soft textures of the upholstery.

Children’s room

The children’s room stood in stark contrast, yet maintained the same level of sophistication. With a uniform style throughout, it boasted a two-story bed, equipped with matching furniture, including tables, mirrors, and chairs. A hanging sitting chair made from ropes added a playful touch to the room. The 3D rendering brought out the photorealistic quality, making it seem as though you could reach out and touch the carefully curated decor.


The toilet was a showcase of artistic design. Black and white wallpaper with intricate flower ornaments adorned the walls. A massive black marble sink was the space’s focal point, and designer lamps hung above it, casting a dramatic light over the area. This combination of elements created a space that was both bold and stylish.


Finally, the playroom was a haven of fun and leisure. Mirroring the style of the children’s room, it featured wooden details and a cozy sitting area for children. A substantial TV took center stage on the wall, while a ladder led to a snug loft area where kids could relax and enjoy various games. To explore their creativity they can sit at a table filled with coloring books and playful activities. The 3D rendering of this room captured the essence of joy and entertainment, providing a sneak peek into a world of endless fun.

These 3D renderings brought the vision of a luxurious apartment to life. Each room was a masterpiece, combining elegance, style, and creativity to offer a glimpse into the epitome of high-end living.