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3D presentation and visualizations

In the recent past, technology has improved and architectural 3D visualization services have been one of the areas that have been in use. Modern building construction projects are usually reliant on documentation by the contractors and these are documents that are prepared using computer-aided programs.  These documents are usually essential because they not only estimate the cost of construction but it also gives you an insight into how the house will be, elevations, working drawings, and other sections of the property.  

These concepts usually take a very long time to prepare when the traditional methods are used and this can be an inconvenience if you want something that is effective and easy to change. However, modern designs do not leave it at complex sketches and plans. We have software programs that are very effective in creating 3D visualization images of your house, shopping mall, restaurant or even an airport.

3D modelling techniques have improved over the years and these are highly flexible and easy to use. They save time because the changes that will be required by your client can be done immediately on the computer program and this is critical because you get instant results which are perfect for you.  The prepared plan can be rendered in 3D video which allows you to see how the structure will be in relation to the surroundings as well as how it will behave during different seasons.  Here are the advantages of using 3D visualizations:

·       Optimize materials and furnishings

·       Ability to check errors that could have been done in the drawing or design

·       Lowers cost of construction

·       Efficient and transformative

·       Reduces the number of revisions

3D modelling in the architectural sector plays an integral role because it has revolutionized how people see architecture. The models allow the architect to make changes to the design of the project before they can begin doing anything major. The results of the finished product are always exceptional because all the errors that could have been done during the design process have been accentuated to make it better.  The software that we use is top-notch and it utilizes the latest tweaks when this is coupled with experienced personnel will guarantee you top notch 3D visualization services.  The visualization of the architectural objects in vivid presentation and demonstration is important because it makes complex structures easy to understand and implement.  The 3D visualization services are essential in boosting the ease of marketing for your property.

Why Choose Our 3D Visualization Services?

There are new programs that are used in drawing the 3D models and this allows you to design in detail the structure, the type, complexity, and scale of the structure while taking into consideration the materials to be used and how the structure will look like in the end.  

We have a team of professionals who have been in the industry for more than 10 years and they understand the different concepts that come with this and we deliver high-quality content to our clients.  You can use the 3D model structures and see how the project will look in future.  The 3D visualizations allow you to see how the backyard, the house and the overall surroundings of the building will look like before even the construction process begins.  This is important because it helps our clients to make sales and convince clients.

Before you decide to apply 3D technology to your business it is important that you should determine the kind of tactics that you want to use during the process to keep your business up and running.  We use the latest technology and software programs to ensure that you get only the best in the industry. Here are some of the parameters that you should use when choosing 3D services from companies across the country.

How can we assist you in your 3D rendering process?

Design assistance

We have a team of professionals who understand every concept and they are there to help you in case you are stuck.  The 3D model representation can be challenging especially if you are new to the sector.  We have exceptional programs that are focused on giving you the best 3D presentations. We can help you with any style (scandinavic, minimalistic, modern, etc.) and will make you a furniture plan or offer you the best possible furniture models for your 3D renderings. For the exterior renderings we will help you with surrounding solutions, colors and facade materials. We have done more than 500 projects and have a wide experience with different set ups, sizes and structures.

The software is modern and it can synchronize with any format that is used in smartphones, tablets, and computers among other internet enabled devices.  You will get a perfect 3D rendering from our team because our main objective is to exceed customers’ expectations.  Optimising the services is one of the best techniques that we incorporate in our processes to ensure that you get only the best.


When it comes to 3D renderings and 3D videos the most important part is the quality of the project. You should choose a company that is going to give you an exceptional final product from the ideas and projects that you present.  Our prices are competitive because we use the latest software, and technology and our team is exceptionally experienced hence they will deliver top notch products at a competitive price. We take every idea that our clients bring to us and we take it personally to ensure that you get the best quality product.  You can sample some of the products from a production team who will guide you during the process and get you the best quality product.

We work till your final perfect result

We have been in the industry for years and with the modern technology that we incorporate into our project, we can guarantee you that you are going to get the best 3D services from us.  We can help you improve your marketing reach by utilising our 3D renderings and 3D videos. If you need help with your project design or layout, we can help you by using the latest software and technology and accessing models that you could not before. Our team of experienced experts can help you if you are facing challenges with your designs.  However, if you do not have a design then you should not worry because you are with the right team because they can create a project from your ideas from scratch to the final.

Competitive pricing

Since we have been in the industry for years, we understand how costly it can be to make 3D models. We have the best 3D online printing service and you can upload your files we will make 3D models for you that will cater for your needs. We will give you competitive prices that will match the quality of the product and ensure that it meets your expectations.

Do not search anymore, just contact our team and we will be ready to help you throughout the process. We have a reliable and responsive customer service team who are always there to help clients. We focus on exceeding customers’ expectations by delivering top notch products that will beat those of your competitors in your areap

Interior Visualisation

Looking to get multiple design ideas for your future rooms? Not sure about the color and furniture combinations?

It’s now possible with the support of CGI to create beautiful and realistic interior designs that won’t break your budget.

scandinavian interior 3d visualization
3D exterior visualisations of family house

Exterior Visualisation

Finally, it’s time for your dream house, but you’re struggling with putting your idea into realisation process. We know, it can be tough to draw your idea realistically without proper skills.

With advanced CGI tools and other 3D visualisation services, we can create a realistic representation of your house or commercial project.

3D Video Walkthrough

In 3D video, the client would be able to see the whole project as the camera slowly moves through the apartment and shows every room and all other small details of the space.

If you want to expand your 3D project and make an even better impression on your clients, we can make you a 3D video.

3D Visualization services
3D product visualisation

Product Visualisation

If you are designing your next furniture line, your new appliances, lights or anything else – we can help you to make it photo realistic.

AutoCAD Drawings

If time is very precious to you and you have no time to make all the drawings for your projects, we can help you.

We have a team of very experienced AutoCAD drawers and can help you finalize all your drawings before we head to 3D project state.

3d visualization of restaurant
3D interior visualization Bauxnitt

Virtual Reality Architecture

Once your interior or exterior design is completed, some people would like to get a real feel and walk around the designed estate.

With advanced CGI and rendering processes, we can create realistic VR simulations compatible with the VR headset. 

It will give you an authentic and realistic experience.

Are you ready to put your dreams into reality?

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