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3D video can enhance your 3D project marketing possibilites and make an even better impression on your clients.

In the 3D video, the client would be able to see the whole project as the camera slowly moves through the apartment and shows every room and all other small details of the space.

This way your client can get an even better understanding of how the future place is going to look like.

3D video is also a very impressive representation tool on your sales website and is a very good addition to your overall marketing portfolio: you can use it on your website, on your commercial ads, on your YouTube channel, and in many other social media platforms. It expands your possibilities to reach possible clients.

How To Make an Outstanding 3D Video?

It is very important to communicate all your needs to your 3D designer, so you will get the best possible result in the shortest time period.

To start the 3D video project we would need such information from you:

Interior or exterior video? These days 3D software helps us easily to make an interior or exterior video or even both in one. You can fly around the new project and gradually get inside of the house, hotel, or apartment building.

The length of the video. The price of the 3D video really depends on the length of the video. It is really important to pace yourself in the video, so it is not too fast and people do not see the details, but it must not be too long, so people simply close it. For interiors, we mostly suggest a max of 60 seconds, for exteriors: 30 seconds.

Scenario. 3D video scenarios are quite simple, you just simply describe how you want the camera to move: from the kitchen to the living room, from the living room to the bedroom, and so on. Once we have such a scenario, we can start working on camera movements.

Explanation details. On the video it is as well possible to add explanation texts; if the camera moves to the kitchen, you can show the size of the area, the important details (maybe the material of the floor, the kitchen installation, the views, and so on). This gives the viewers even more information about the apartment or commercial place.


Why Is 3D Video Popular In Architecture?

The 3D videos have found a place in architecture because of the way the real estate agents and realtors can use them to present or sell different properties in the region. The videos are essential because they allow the potential clients to furnish the home with furniture, improve the furnishing and renovate the houses virtually or in the comfort of their homes before visiting the site.  This is particularly important because in the modern era people often prefer videos more than written documents.  3D videos have become vital in any modern marketing campaign and they save money, time and energy on what you could have done in marketing estate campaigns and advertisements.

We are a reliable company that has been in the industry for years now and we understand what you need to make a compelling 3D video to use for your real estate marketing or architecture.  The latest technology and software that has been incorporated is critical because it adds value to the overall functionality of the marketing campaign.

We live in a visual world and first impressions are important especially when it comes to architecture and real estate marketing.  Our main objective is to offer unparalleled architectural visualization ideas that are going to revolutionize the real estate market. We are detailed oriented and we will ensure that our team deliver as per your requirements. We value our clients and we make their ideas and concepts into reality.  We use the latest technology, software and programs which will ensure that you not only get the best but also have access to high-end real estate photography and marketing architectural visualisations.

Advantages Of Using 3D Video In Architecture And Real Estate

Real estate video marketing is one of the new concepts that has changed how people view the entire industry. It is important to note that the market has experienced an upsurge in the incorporation of new technology in the marketing concept and video marketing. While the process can be easy especially when you hire the right team then you are sure that you will have interactive and engaging videos. Here are some of the merits of using 3D video rendering and animation in your presentations.

Show your client the expected outcome before construction

3D videos are critical tools in the modern era because it allows the realtors to present the expected result of the architecture with all the material incorporated in rooms, and furniture among other things. This is essential because you can use photorealistic imagery to show your potential clients what the rooms will look like even when they have not visited the property.  The 3D video allows your potential clients to understand the design and concept easily unlike other methods, besides, it gives an ultra-realistic life-like appearance which is important for potential clients when it comes to decision making.  The videos allow your client to make changes before the project commences and it is important to understand that they will check out different parts of the house and make changes be it its colour scheme, texture or how the furniture is to be placed.

Highlights future property in a realistic manner

The decision to purchase a property usually lies in the type of information that you are going to get from your realtor. When you have a visual concept then you can make the right decision because you already have an in-depth review of what the structure will look like. Besides you can see what the amenities in the area will look like because the video rendering will allow you to see all these features. This is important because your future house should harmonize visually with the landscape in the area.  The 3D video will help you with this idea and you have the chance to change what you want before you make the decision to purchase the property.

3D video Encourages emotional engagement

The 3D videos are crucial in allowing your clients to immerse themselves into the property before they can make a decision. When they see the videos then they can immerse themselves in them and understand different areas of the project. They can then ask questions about different parts of the project and suggest changes or go with the project as it is because of their attachment to it. The videos are critical in evoking an emotional response and this is important because they are critical in the decision-making process of many potential buyers.  The 3D artists in our company will ensure that they tell a perfect story of you and the atmosphere surrounding the property with you in future. This is vital because you can make the videos more inviting and engaging by adding sound and other visual aids to project what they will look like in future.

It can show the property through various seasons

Selling a property in the real estate world is very difficult if you do not have something that is highly convincing to your potential buyers.  The 3D animation and videos are important because they help you understand how the property will look like through various seasons of the year.  You can see the contrast between the residence during the summer, spring, winter and autumn.  You have the chance to see your house as well during the winter period and how it will look like and these are some of the essential concepts in selling real estate to a different market.  It can be very visually appealing when your clients are able to imagine how living in the house can be during the winter or spring season.

Shows the functionality of the property

3D real estate is more interactive and it can do more than just show stunning views of your house and the surroundings.  The video will allow you to see what different household items will look like when you add them to the house space. This is essential because we use modern technology and software which can give you an idea of how it works. If you are looking for a way of seeing what different furniture and finishes can do to your living room or your bedroom then you can use the video to edit and get an idea of what it will look like.  Even with the automated doors, the 3D video can show you how everything works and it is a more comprehensive way of understanding your project.

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