3D Product VisualiZation

Need 3D product visualization? If you are designing your next furniture line, your new appliances, lights, or anything else – we can help you to make it photo-realistic.

We have 10 years of experience in 3D product visualization projects and have made multiple products, furniture, and much more made. The pieces of furniture you see in our 3D interior visualizations – a very big part of that was made by us.

3D software nowadays helps to make any design, in hundreds of variations, in any possible placement. Let us have a look at how to make the best possible 3D product design.

3D Product Visualizations

3D product visualization is where there is the utilization of digital presentation of the product via a 3D model and a virtual environment.  The digital product should match the physical product from the appearance, dimensions, features among other concepts. 3D visualization will allow you to create many forms of the product from the application, animations and panoramas. It is imperative that you use the services of a professional team with years of experience.  We are committed to delivering top notch services to our clients and you are guaranteed of the best experience when you use our services.

Advantages of a 3D product visualization

 There is so much that you can derive when you do a 3D product visualization. You can drive sales and traffic to your website or increase sales of your new product line by using the modern techniques that will guarantee you the best experience.  Some of the merits of using 3D product visualisation include the following.

Exceptional presentation

When you utilize the 3D visualization, you will get the best experience because you can manipulate the scenes to be gorgeous, resemble reality, add impeccable lighting, animation and colour. These are features that will guarantee that your presentation will stand out and your potential customers or investors will have a more first-hand experience of the real product.

Ability to customize

The 3D product visualization allows you modify and customize your models with ease. This is critical especially if you want change details or how your product looks. It is the best experience that you can have because everything can be manipulated.

Attention to details

Perhaps, one of the most fundamental things that you must have or do during your presentation is a 3D model. When you do a 3D product visualization you can rotate the product see it from different angles and the details that you have capture will ensure that your clients are well versed with what they are expecting. You can answer any question because the visualization is easy to understand.


The 3D product visualization is essential in business because you can use it to create images from the model allows you to add, remove and even change the details that are on the product.  The files that are used during the presentation are compatible with modern tools.

Formats used in a 3d product visualization

There are different formats that are used in the production of a 3D product visualization.

Virtual reality product visualization

This is one of the most exceptional tools that are utilised in modern times and it incorporates virtual reality and the real world. When you have your virtual reality headset you can open the visualization application for the product. Here you can see all the details about the product and recommend changes if needed.  You can interact with the product as well using the controllers and this gives you a realistic experience of what to expect.

Non immersive visualization

This is an idea where the regular 3D visualization features are used in the production of a concept. Here there are animations and applications used as well and this can be used in websites, television, broadcast among other concepts.

Augmented reality product visualization

This is method where there is utilisation of the cameras in smartphones and this is used in capturing images before they are layered in 3D models via apps. In this context the mobile device can visualize the product and it can be presented in any format.



It is very important to provide as much information as possible about your future product.

For 3D product visualization we would need some information from you:

Drawings. To make all proportions and other tiny details perfect on your 3D product visualization, we need to get very accurate drawings with all measurements.

Materials and colors. It is very important to know what kind of materials you want to use on your product and all the colors. It is always good to get the exact images of materials and color codes, so there is no room for mistakes.

Background. It is possible to put your new product into any background you wish: it can be completely black or it can be in a workshop, on a plane, in a shop, or even on a moon. We can put your product into a real-life situation, so the viewers will not even notice that this product is not actually real.

The scale of the project. Sometimes it makes much more sense to make a 3D product visualization model of your product, make all variations of materials and colors than to make dozens of professional pictures. In a 3D environment, you are the one who controls the colors, lighting, and surroundings. You can make hundreds of variations in the shortest time period. You can make not just one product, you can make 50 variations of it in 50 different placements. That is the power of the 3D world.

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