Instagram reels and 3D visualizations: How to Make it Work

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In the real estate marketing world, social media plays a strong role more than a recreational site and Instagram reels with 3D visualizations are one of the untapped possibilities.

Instagram has turned out to be a solid platform for business marketing and other corporate activities. This implies that you can now unwind while surfing through reels and stay productive by creating content that promotes your real estate, interior design ar architecture studio brand.

With an ever-evolving platform like Instagram, you can now create reels that engage more audiences and hook people to your message. Since their inception, reels have turned out to be a playground for content creators and a marketing tool for businesses.

In this blog, we will delve deeper into the world of reels and understand multiple features that you can deploy to make your content go viral.

Understanding Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are a medium of content creation that fosters the sharing of fast-paced storylines and short videography. These short videos cannot go beyond 60 seconds because the attention span of audiences is not that long. 

You can spice up your reeds by adding a background audio or a trending voice over audio which is making rounds on social media

Furthermore, you can make your reel more relatable and one that resonates with most people online by adding text to it. For instance, you can share your POVs regarding a certain situation which is also relatable to others. That way, the audiences feel a deeper connection with you.

In addition to this, you can also use viral or trending effects on your videos and images to make your content visually appealing to the audience. While posting on social media platforms like Instagram, you should consider factors like content aesthetics, the vibe of your reels, and the visual appeal of your content. These factors are a big thing on Instagram and these can influence your reach on Instagram as well.

When your reels meet the primary criteria of going viral on Instagram, you can reach out to more people. This primary criterion may include making the content visually appealing, writing a meaningful script, and curating an intriguing storyline. 

After you have created space on Instagram for yourself, the brands may reach you for marketing and advertising. You can spread the word about different brands and earn money online via multiple brands.

Key features of using Instagram Reels

People are attracted to the reels due to their rich features that give you the creative space and freedom to curate content that goes by your choice. There is a diversity of tools you can experiment with to create your videos that grab you more views.

Hence, apart from becoming known to the people, these reels also feed to the creative side of a person. You can adjust filters, apply effects, and edit the videos as you like. 

Instagram reels have helped in raising awareness about multiple social causes and also has been the mainstream platform for marketing and branding. For instance, most of the mental health awareness or breast cancer awareness campaigns were effectively conducted on Instagram by the influencers.

Incorporating 3D Visualizations into Instagram Reel

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3D visualization use in Reels means that you are creating videos that offer depth to the graphics and offer a 3D view of the objects or your new architectural projects. 3D visuals are ahead of 2D graphics because these enable photo-realistic videography and content creation. This photorealistic content turns out to be more immersive for Instagram users.

Upload Photorealistic reels

You can animate your videos and immerse your audiences in a life-like experience. With either more realistic content or more compelling one, you can always create Instagram reels that create a long-lasting influence.

You can use 3D visuals for multiple purposes ranging from product marketing to new real estate developments to your new product. These reels have become more functional in recent times than being just a medium of entertainment. 

Create 3D Visuals on Instagram

Not only can you upload 3D videos on Instagram, but you can also create 3D visuals on Instagram. This might come up as a surprise to some of you but that is true! You can actually create 3D visuals on Instagram. 

On the other hand, there are also certain applications and software specifically designed for 3D editing. These apps and software can range from beginner-friendly to advanced modeling software that may come in premium versions as well. 

You can choose between a plethora of 3D editing options available online that match with your budget and also your editing skills.

Strategies for Creating Engaging Instagram Reels

You can use 3D visualization to showcase your stories in a captivating way. No matter what niche of content you create on Instagram, you can always rely on 3D visualization to attract more people as 3D content is much more engaging than simple pictures.

Instagram as a Marketing Tool

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If you are playing your role as a brand ambassador on your Instagram posts, you can highlight the specs and features of the products through 3D visualizations. You can animate your videos to market the product more effectively and engage more audiences on your feed.

When you curate realistic renderings centric on the product, you are providing your customers with a more immersive experience. You can give them a deeper look into the product description and introduce the product to your customers more effectively.

In addition to this, you can turn a mundane product description into an interesting one by adding transitions and visual effects. These transitions add to the experience of the customers and keep the viewers hooked to your content.

You must also stick to the brand image and keep the visual style, color palette, and vision of the brand aligned with each other. For that, you can create your own assets that reflect the brand’s vision and use branding elements like logos and typographies.

Stick to Posting Regular Content

You must also know that consistency is the key. When you are working your way to create awareness about your product or new project, you should always be consistent with the content you generate. You can build brand recognition by uploading Instagram reels on a regular basis.

You should post at least few times a week to be consistent and not lose interest of Instagram algorythms.

For an influential marketing campaign, you should do some work on the visual style of your videos. For instance, the themes and filters should go with the brand identity, and the color theme should also align with the logo of the brand. Likewise, typography and messaging should sit with the brand theme.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Instagram Reels with 3D Visualizations

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Before you start producing content on Instagram, you should plan your strategy first. For instance before you shoot a video, you should know what is the objective of your video, who is your target audience and what niche will you stick to.

Thus, if you are planning to start a public profile and build your own space on Instagram, you should first streamline your future plans and strategies. After you have decided on the type of content you will share on social media and have determined your objective, you can then work on your profile. 

When you incorporate multiple effects and dynamic visuals, you surely enhance the quality of your videos, and it may get you more engagement on Instagram. However, you cannot rely solely on 3D visualizations for online engagement. You also need to enhance your storytelling and other factors to gain more attention on Instagram.

1. Creating or Sourcing 3D Visualizations

If you are a not experienced 3D artist, you may find it hard to create 3D visuals on your own. We have prepared a list of the best software to create 3D visualizations: Best 3D software. If you need help to create photorealistic 3D renderings of your new project or product, we can always help as well.

However, whichever course of creating 3D visuals you choose, you should always stick to the theme and the mood of your videos. All the 3D animation and visual effects should align with the message you are delivering in your video. 

2. Editing and Integrating 3D Elements into Instagram Reels

After you have created the 3D visuals, it’s time for you to incorporate these 3D visuals into your videos. For instance, this can include adding animations, transitions, and other effects to the footage you have shot for the reel.

3. Adding Finishing Touches

In order to enhance the overall effect of your videos, you can add music, compelling captions, and other finishing touches to your Instagram reels. You must add a voiceover that sits with the vibe of your video. 

Furthermore, you should always be very picky about the soundtrack you choose. It can either add to the vibe or even deteriorate the appeal factor. Hence, be strategically wise while choosing background music for your video and adding a caption to your videos. You can use captions to convey your message in a more comprehensible manner.

Best Practices for Maximizing Engagement and Reach

One prime trip for Instagram reels is to keep your videos short and as snappy as you can. When the frame changes in a flurry of moments, the viewer stays invested in the video. You should aim for a video that can fulfill its objective in a maximum of 15 to 30 seconds.

This duration is an optimal period to attract the attention of a person and keep them connected to your content. Furthermore, you should be consistent with the content you create. When you keep posting at regular intervals, your audience does not lose the thread that connects them with you.

In addition to this, hashtags and captions can play an important role in leveraging your Instagram reach. When you use the most popular hashtags and relevant captions, the discoverability of your reels shoots high.

Use Popular Hashtags

With popular hashtags, the audiences can discover you on the research page even when they do not follow your followers. They can come across your content when they search for the hashtags you use. That way, you can engage more audiences with your Instagram reels.

When you are using a 3D visualization on a particular niche, you must research the popular hashtags related to your niche. These hashtags will help relevant audiences find your content. 

Use Captions to Elaborate

You can use captions to elaborate your message and explain your brand description. You may use captions to interact with Instagram users and increase your reach. For instance, you can ask your followers a question and get their opinions in the comment section.

These captions can sometimes be witty, poetic, and informative based on the current environment of these online platforms. When your caption game is on point, you can engage more audiences. 

Collaborating with influencers 

One way to increase your reach is to collaborate with other influencers and earn their clout. When you collaborate with influencers that share the content niche with you, will help you attract their audiences because they can relate to your content as well. The audiences of your partner influencer will discover your content and resonate with it, ultimately following your page.


Instagram is a perfect marketing platform to get more engagement and spread the word about your new product or development. 3D visualizations is a strong tool to get more attention as the users will get an immersive experience and will get to know more about your brand.

All these are the strategies you can follow to give a boost to the online engagement on your Instagram reels. All you have to do is create an intriguing storyline, craft visually appealing 3D visualizations, and add viral background music to it.

Make sure that you put a good effort into giving your video a finishing touch. For that, you will have to spend enough time selecting background music that goes by your video and adding captions that are relatable to many. Furthermore, you can use famous hashtags that are relevant to the message you are portraying in your videos.


Q: Can I use any type of 3D visualization in my Instagram Reels?

Yes, all 3D visualizations, especially 3D videos are perfect for Instagram Reels.

Q: Do I need special skills to create 3D visualizations for Instagram Reels?

If you are planning to create a 3D visualization from scratch, you will need a professional level of expertise and skills. On the other hand, if you do not have the professional skills, you can deploy the resources available online.

In addition to this, you can hire a professional artist who is good at creating 3D visualizations. That way you can level up the game of your Instagram reels even without any skills of editing.

Q: Will adding 3D visualizations to my Instagram Reels increase engagement?

While engagement on Instagram reels does not solely depend on 3D visualizations, it can play a significant role in increasing engagement on your reels. Furthermore, these 3D visualizations also make your videos visually more appealing.

Q: Are there any copyright issues to consider when using 3D models in Instagram Reels?

When you are using online 3D assets, you should always make sure that you have proper user rights for these assets. This can include purchasing the license model from different online sources. 

Q: How can I ensure my Instagram Reels with 3D visualizations align with my brand identity?

When you are a part of a marketing campaign, you need to be conscious about certain things. For instance, you can never overstep the brand identity restrictions when creating 3D visualizations on Instagram.




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