The full guide on how to make a photorealistic 3D product visualization

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If you work in any industry which makes any tangible product, you can really benefit from 3D product visualization and additionally improve your brand awareness.

If you work in furniture, electronics, jewelry, car, or any other industry – 3D product visualization is a great tool to present different ideas, products, ideas, structures, materials, and much more.

3D product visualization can really help not only in the marketing area, but as well in planning, cost reduction, and product processes.

What is a 3D product visualization?


3D product visualization is a digitally modeled product presentation using different 3D software options: 3Ds Max, Unreal Engine, etc.

Using drawings or sketches, the 3D designer is able to model the whole product in 3D software and apply different colors, and materials, zoom in, zoom out, and easily change sizes and structures.

3D product visualization allows you to get a limitless number of variations and helps you to implement your product marketing and production process in a much easier way.

What are the benefits of using 3D product visualization?


3D product visualizations can be used not only in the marketing campaings, on social media or printed media, but as well in the production processes, planning processes and much more. It even helps you to choose the best product options and variations and only then go into production.

Or even better – if you work in e-commerce business and sell your products online, you can present only 3D product visualizations and produce the product only after a sale.

So what are other benefits of 3D product visualization?

Limitless options and variations – with 3D software you can make hundreds and thousands of your product visualizations with different sizes, colors, materials or even structures. There’s no risk for you, because all of the changes are happening in the software, not in real life.

Eases the production – 3D product visualizations allow you to choose the best option and only produce the best looking products. Not only that, it helps your production team to see the final product and make it as similar to the visualization as possible.

Use 3D product visualization in different environments – you can not only make 3D presentation of your product, but you can put that product in different 3D environments or even real pictures. You can put them in real life situations or other places where you would like to present your product. It really boosts your presentation and allows to attract more clients.

Easy to share and present your ideas – 3D product visualizations are very easy to share on all social media: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and all others. Once you have 3D product visualization, you can upload it on your website or send it via email.

3D product video expands your reach – 3D video is yet another step in your brand presentation. Video content is the king in the social media and video attracts much more traffic to your youtube channel or website.

It is much cheaper than photography – just imagine how much costs the venue, the professional photographer, all produced products, different light setups and so on. Save all that money and make it all in 3D. Difference between 3D and real photo are very slim.

Very easy to personalize – 3D product visualizations are very easy to adapt or change. On e-commerce platforms it is now very popular to offer different materials or colors. With 3D product visualization it is very easy to do.

Can be easily used in Augmented Reality – augmented reality allows people to see how the product looks in their home or on them. 3D product visualizations and augmented reality works hand in hand.

How to make a 3D product visualization?


With a help of 3D designer you can make beautiful and photo realistic 3D product visualizations, but you still have to follow some steps to get the best of your partnership with a 3D agency.

Collect all the drawings of the product

Architectural planning

Preparing all the drawings is the first step in 3D modelling process.

You can collect all your AutoCAD, PDF or other drawings. Even sketches work – as long as you have all the measures.

If it is a very complex product – it is very important to have all the proportions, measures or even 3D AutoCAD or SketchUP models.

3D Designer must make the product as realistic as possible, so all tiny details matter.

Colors and materials

3d product visualization

It is very important to have all the correct and precize colors and materials.

For colors it is the best to have RGB or HEX codes.

For materials: producer catalogue pictures or any other photographs of the material.

This way you can put all these colors and materials on your product.

Just remember that in 3D software you can make as many variations as you wish, so you can provide multiple materials and colors just to try them out.

Maybe in the process you will find the best option for you.

Try different textures


Using 3D software you can try different textures for your product:







It allows you to see your product in a different way and may help you to find the best materials or colors.

Just remember how popular now are matte color cars.

Try different lighting setups


Lighting can really set the mood and add additional emotional element to the 3D image and help you to engage bigger audiences.

You can use many different setups from warm to cold, from modern to inviting.

As in photography, in 3D images you can use such setups:

  • Split Lighting
  • Loop Lighting
  • Rembrandt Lighting
  • Butterfly Lighting
  • Broad Lighting
  • Short Lighting
  • Back Lighting

These variations allow you to present your product in different unexpected ways.

Use a photorealistic background images and put products in real life situations

What is a Virtual Tour

You can put your 3D product visualization in any possible environment: real or 3D modelled.

If you are creating furniture: why not to put it into a real interior setup?

If you are creating cars: why not to put it onto real mountain passes, so you can create a strong impact.

If you are creating clothes: why not to put them on real people?

The possibilities are endless.

Use different perspectives

Product visualization

In 3D software you can choose any angle and perspective to present your product.

You can show your product not only from the front, but from different sides, from the top or even the bottom.

You can zoom in the most important details or hidden design ideas to present the product in an unexpected angle.

Add additional details on your 3D product visualization

Interior visualisation

Once you have all your product details modelled, all the colors and materials decided, you can add some additional playful details to your visualizations.

What if you show your product in a misty environment with some drops of water on the product?

What if the material of your 3D sofa is a bit crumpled? So it shows real life situation.

What if the product is so shiny and clean that it reflects a person taking a picture of it?

There are many ways you can create more engaging pictures which show strong or unexpected sides of your product.



3D product visualization is a great way to market your product and reach much wider audiences not only online, but in real life as well.

The making of a 3D product visualization is a very creative and fun process which allows you to find the best design options and improve your product in production phase.

If you have any questions and need help with 3D product visualizations, we are always happy to help.



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