The benefits of 3D product visualization and how to use it in your business

Aurimas Pocius

Aurimas Pocius

CEO of ArchVisualizations 3D Studio working in 3D property rendering market from 2011.

3d product visualization

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Are you interested to do a 3D Rendering of your real estate project? Please contact us and we will do our best to help you.
3d product visualization

3D product visualization allows you to be extremely flexible in your business and helps you to save a lot of money in the production phase.

Using 3D product visualizations you are able to try limitless color, shape, material, and other options with no real production.

You will get a really good overview of how your product can look in the real life and can even try them in different environments: in a shop environment, on a table, in the car and so much more.

Let us have a look at what is a product visualization and how it can benefit your business.

What is a 3D product visualization?

3D product visualization is a digitally created and modeled 3D presentation of your product using only the drawings or sketches. 3D product visualizations can be made using different 3D software options, but the most popular one (and the one we use) is 3Ds Max with Vray. The final touches can be made with Photoshop or other picture editing tools.

3D product visualization gives you the best overview of your future product from all possible angles and perspectives, you can show any intricate detail, style or design idea or even make a 3D video of it.

Just imagine that you have unlimited possibilities to change and improve your product: you change shape, and color, make it bigger or smaller, change structure, materials and so much more. You can get an overview of not one or few, but dozens and hundreds of variations.

Later on, you can visualize the product in different environments and situations which gives you an even better understanding of how the product works and impacts the spaces you want to use it in.

All of that is possible with 3D technologies and 3D product visualization is a perfect way to present the product idea and save a lot of expenses in the production phase.

Benefits of a 3D product visualization

Limitless options and variations

3D product visualization

Once you have all the drawings and sketches of your product, you can start modeling it using 3D software.

What is very good with 3D software, is that it allows you to change the product into any shape, color, or size as you wish.

Just imagine if you have to make the product and then add different materials, colors, or even change sizes and structures: that would cost you a fortune.

With 3D you can make thousands of variations and choose the best ones which will fit your needs and market desires.

Eases the production

As you have your final 3D product visualizations, you can overview them with your production team.

It will allow the production team to fully understand all your design ideas and the full structure of the product. They will see how exactly you want the product to look: what exact materials to use, colors, paints, structure, shape, and so on.

It is so much easier to produce a product (furniture, packaging, car, etc.) once you have a life-like, photorealistic image of it: you can see all the small details and other important stuff.

This saves a lot of time and expenses in the production phase.

Use 3D product visualization in different environments

Real estate rendering - bathroom rendering

3D software allows you to put your product in any imaginable environment:

  1. If that is a piece of furniture: you can put it into any interior.
  2. If that is a car: you can put it on the streets or highways
  3. If that is a watch: you can even put it on a hand.

Such images with a full environment give a full overview of your product and how it can look in real-life situations.

There are limitless possibilities for you and that can become a very strong marketing material tool.

You can present your ideas on different online platforms and venues.

Easy to share and present your ideas

Product visualization

You can share and upload your 3D product visualization very easily all around the world.

3D product visualization can not only be used in your design presentation, but can be shared all over social media: Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

You can share them via email or upload them to your website. You can show as many of them as you need.

3D product video expands your reach

Video content is king in the social media world.

Video content is so much more appreciated by users and social media platforms as well.

Just think about Instagram reels, Facebook stories, TikTok videos, Linkedin Videos and so much more.

With 3D video your reach becomes global.

It is much cheaper than photography

3D visualization
3D visualization

Just imagine how much cost the traditional product photography session:

  1. You need to find a perfect venue.
  2. You must design and prepare that venue in different styles and environments.
  3. You must produce and have final products in real life.
  4. You must find a good product photographer.
  5. You may need props and other additional stuff and objects.
  6. You must organize the whole shoot: bring the photographer to the venue, collect all the products, and prepare your venue. That is a decent challenge.

All of that requires a lot of time, a professional team, and the whole shebang costs a lot of money.

With 3D everything is much easier:

  1. You create a sketch of your product.
  2. 3D designer creates a 3D model of it.
  3. 3D designers can make hundreds of variations with different materials, colors, etc.
  4. The 3D designer puts your product in different environments, uses different lights and you will get multiple easily shareable images.

Very easy to personalize

If you are using your 3D product visualization on your e-commerce platform – 3D product visualization is your best choice to save a lot of money and make the best possible presentation.

Just imagine if you have to produce and make a piece of furniture in all possible materials and colors – that is a big project.

With 3D visualizations, you can make it very easily in the shortest possible time.

Your customers can view and try your product in all possible variations and pick the best one for them.

That is a very cost-efficient choice.

Can be easily used in Augmented Reality


Augmented reality is the latest technology to share and show your products.

Using your phone or tablet you can view your 3D product model in real life environment: at home, at work, or even outside. We have even used Augmented Reality in real estate projects where you can go inside the house using your phone.

The augmented reality adapts to the environment and shows how your product will look in real size.

Such technology allows you and your customer to really see and feel the product: how it fits your own environment.

It is perfect for e-commerce projects if you sell furniture, household appliances, clothes, etc.

These days 3D product visualizations can be used and are used in so many industries: from furniture to engineering companies, from space technologies to robots. The possibilities are limitless.

What Industries Benefit from 3D Visualization?

But to put it simply: if you produce anything that can be touched, carried and is a real object: you can benefit from 3D product visualization.

We can make 3D product visualization of packaging, of your new gift ideas, of huge construction structures, of computer appliances or hand watches.

At the moment the biggest demand is seen in such industries:

  1. Furniture companies. Nowadays many furniture companies are using multiple 3D product visualizations to increase their sales and ease the production process. The customers can adapt their products to their needs, order them, and you can produce them just after the sale.
  2. Fashion industry. The fashion e-commerce industry is booming for years and sees no stopping. The user can online not only change the colors of the 3D clothes models but change sizes and download augmented reality models.
  3. Jewelry. Jewelry requires a lot of design and production time. All the materials are very sensible and hard to work with. 3D visualizations come into help not only in presentation but in the production phase as well.
  4. Marketing companies. These days many marketing companies opt for 3D product visualization that photoshoots. That saves not only their money but their client’s money as well. Perfect presentations can be made with great product visualizations.
  5. Medical devices. The medical devices industry is extremely vulnerable to any mistakes and there’s no way you can let a flawed device into the market. 3D visualizations are used in the production phase a lot.


3D product visualization not only helps you to make the best impression and present your ideas, but it saves a lot of time, and money, helps to avoid mistakes and overall is a great tool in your business.

You can have a lot of fun making different models, using various materials and colors. This way you can find out which option is the best for you and release that product to the market.

All the best with your sales!

The benefits of 3D product visualization and how to use it in your business

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CEO of ArchVisualizations 3D Studio working in 3D property rendering market from 2011.

Table of Contents

Are you interested to do a 3D Rendering of your real estate project? Please contact us and we will do our best to help you.



Are you interested to do a 3D Rendering of your real estate project?

Please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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