How to layout your bedroom: Top 10 tips

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When it comes to bedroom layout, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Designing the layout is an individual experience, as you want to create a tranquil space tailored to your needs. We have done more than a hundred different bedroom renderings and would like to share our experience and expertise with you on how to lay out your own bedroom in the best way. Please have a look at our top 10 expert tips for seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics, and learn how to lay out your bedroom.

1. Define the primary function

Determining how the space will be used is the first step of the bedroom layout planning process. A bedroom can be more than just a place dedicated to resting and relaxation. Maybe you want to enjoy a good book, so including a bookcase and lamps in the layout is essential. The bedroom provides a quiet and calm atmosphere for setting up a workspace, so include a desk and adjacent storage.#

Even though it is highly recommended that a bedroom should be only for sleeping, your bedroom can be a perfect place to have a couple of armchairs for reading a book or drinking morning coffee on weekends. Armchairs are actually perfect for reading a book before going to sleep as many people find reading in the main bed very uncomfortable.

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2. Perfect bed position

The bed is the main focal point in the room and takes a central position. Interior designers place the bed along the longest wall in the room to maximize the floor space. 

Regardless, implementing this layout in small spaces might not be possible. In such cases, concentrating the furniture on one side of the room opens up traffic space. Add a pair of nightstands to make the setting look balanced. 

How to layout your bedroom: Top 10 tips

3. Smooth traffic flow

The ideal bedroom layout is simple, uncluttered, and has clear pathways for easy movement. Allow for a minimum of 30 inches around the bed for a streamlined traffic flow. 

Many people prioritize the size of the bed versus the space around it.  It can be really distracting if the bed takes so much place, that it get uncomfortable to walk around, get out of the bed and so on.

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4. Divide the space into zones

Creating distinct zones in the bedroom through furniture and colors enhances functionality. Set up a cozy reading corner by placing a comfy chair next to an oversized window, or create a designated dressing area with a wardrobe.

You can as well set up a small working space, so during day time you can work and get other things done.

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5. Proper lighting

A carefully curated mix of natural, ambient, and task lighting will elevate your bedroom design. Consider a pair of bedside lamps, overhead lighting that matches the ceiling height, and a floor lamp for reading or working.

If possible, get as much daylight as possible as it is very healthy to get up naturally with a help natural light.

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6. Mind proportion

A large bed in a compact bedroom will make it look smaller and cramped. But besides looking appealing, a proportionate bedroom leaves clear pathways. Before deciding on a king, queen, or full bed, ensure it provides enough space to move around freely. 

How to layout your bedroom: Top 10 tips

7. Storage options

Clutter creates visual noise and increases stress levels, affecting sleep quality. Designing a modern bedroom layout minimizes the clutter and creates a streamlined look. Integrated storage solutions help you keep the bedroom tidy, creating a peaceful and serene environment.

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8. Dresser position

The dresser is the second most significant piece of furniture in the bedroom, so avoid positioning it close to the bed. Placing it opposite the bed will help achieve visual balance. 

9. Serene color scheme

Colors significantly impact our mood, so avoid using dynamic tones in the bedroom. Opt for neutrals, serene blue, pale green, refined gray, or cozy, earthy hues to set a relaxing atmosphere.

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10. Personal touches

Collectibles, photos, and art add personality to the space, reflecting your character and interests. These personal touches make the space feel truly yours and bring an inviting and cozy mood. 

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The bedroom is one of the most important parts of each home and it is crucial that its layout is comfortable for everyday use. Despite having a comfy bed, leaving some place for traffic, walking around, and getting stuff will make your life much easier. If it is possible, have a comfortable connection to the bathroom or additional dressing room.

Make it a place of comfort and relaxation so your everyday’s sleep will be of highest quality.



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