A full guide on how to create a photorealistic 3D house visualization

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3D exterior visualizations of family house

3D visualizations are more and more used to present not only your architectural ideas, but as well product design ideas, 3D videos, and much more.

3D house visualization is a great and easy way to present your architectural ideas which can be easily shared via social media or used on your website and presentations.

3D house visualization is a great marketing tool which gives a full overview of your project and architectural idea of your future building.

What is a 3D house visualization?


Exterior design of modern buildings

3D house visualization is a computer-generated image that is modeled using 3D software such as 3Ds Max, Unreal Engine, Vray, and others.

3D designers use house drawings to create photorealistic images of any house, skyscraper, bungalow, or any other type of building in any chosen surroundings.

With 3D software you can choose any materials, colors, and other details to make the 3D house visualization as realistic as possible.

3D house visualizations are not only used in real estate marketing campaigns but in the building phase as well, as it helps to understand the final building stages and how a house must look in the end.

3D house visualizations are used on real estate websites, social media, and youtube videos and it is becoming a dominant presentation tool in architecture in real estate development markets.

How to create a photorealistic 3D house visualization?


We have prepared a list of steps you should take, so you can succeed and get the best possible 3D visualizations for your project, which will help you to boost and speed up your sales.

Collect all the drawings

Architectural planning

For a 3D designer to successfully model all your spaces and exterior of the building, it is very important to have all the exterior drawings, situation plans, and section plans.

Most important is to have all the measures. Drawings should have all tiny details correctly measured with clear indications.

The best drawings are .dwg files, but PDF drawings or SketchUp models work just fine as well.

As mentioned before, to make a great 3D house visualization it is very good to have situation plans (where the building is situated, what can we find around the house, what is the street or yard situation, is there a forest, lake, or anything else close to the building).

Section plans are important to have as we can then correctly model the sizes of different exterior details to make a great exterior rendering.

Choose the perspectives for your project

3D exterior visualizations

It is very important what viewing angles you would like to have, so we can prepare the best 3D perspectives for you.

The most popular angles are from ground level and bird view as it gives the full overview of your housing project.

But you can as well choose some unexpected angles:

  1. A view from the balcony or terrace
  2. A view from the inner yard
  3. A perspective from inside the apartment
  4. An angle from the forest or lake (if there is one)
  5. And many other unexpected angles

Different angles can attract more people and gives a better real-life situation understanding. People living or passing by the house in real life see not only the front view or street view – they can get a glimpse of the building from many more angles.

Collect all the exterior materials and colors

3d exterior visualization

To make the 3D visualization as realistic as possible, it is very important to have all the materials and colors which will be used in the project.

You can collect all the materials from the producer catalog or simply from Google Images. As long as it is a real photo of the material – it works just fine.

If we are talking about colors – images and RGB or HEX codes work the best.

Once the 3D designer has all this information, he can set up all the colors and materials on your house facade.

Try different light setups

3d architecture visualizations

The most popular light is definitely the sunny mid-day weather.

But why not try something more dramatic?

Very late-hour sunlight makes the house much more welcoming, especially if the lights are on in the building.

Some companies chose unexpected lights with rainy or stormy weather – this just makes the picture more believable, especially if the house is built in rainy locations such as Norway, Ireland, or UK.

Different lights create different moods which can attract your future clients. Trust us – sunny weather is not always the best option for your architectural project.

Time of the year

3d visualization exterior
3d visualization exterior

As with lighting setups, summer is as well the most popular option.

But why not try something different here as well?

You can create a 3D house visualization using a rainy autumn day, or snowy winter evening.

With 3D – everything is possible and different options can create very different overviews.

You can choose different times of the year as well depending on when your marketing campaign or sales start. Maybe your clients will appreciate the snowy environment if you sell your house in winter.

Carefully create your 3D house visualization environment and surroundings

3D exterior visualizations of the city

Surroundings play a huge role in your 3D house visualization creation process.

It is important to create the surroundings as realistic as possible to a real-life situation as people can recognize them and associate themselves with a new project.

If your new project is situated in an already established street – let us recreate the environment: streets, houses, bakery, restaurant, trees, bushes, and all other small details.

Google Street View is a great help in this process if you are not able to get good pictures of the site.

This way you will your visualization as realistic as possible.

If your house will be standing on a completely new undeveloped site – you can free your imagination and add many new details: trees, flower beds, gardens, playgrounds, parking lots, bike parking, beehouses and so much more.

3D visualizations help you to create fascinating images for your future project.

Add extra details: people, cars, pets, etc.

3D house visualization Sinkitt Nostalgic
3D visualization Sinkitt Nostalgic

To make your visualizations even more realistic – you can spice it up with more details.

You can have children playing with a dog, you can put some new cars in the parking lot or show a BBQ situation in the yard.

With 3D software, we can create any real-life situation and place it in your project.

This allows you to visualize how your development will look in the future once people settle down and make it their home.



There are limitless variations and options for how you can make your 3D house visualization more realistic, and alive and make it pop up in the sea of other projects.

We can create any environment, make all your materials as real as possible and visualize unexpected angles – everything to make your project the best in the market.

If you have any questions regarding 3D visualizations – we would be more than happy to help you.



Are you interested to do a 3D Rendering of your real estate project?

Please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

3D exterior visualization of the city

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