How to create breathtaking 3D panoramic renders and how they help in real estate business

3D exterior visualization of the city


3D Panoramic Render is a powerful tool for real estate businesses, allowing them to showcase properties in an incredibly immersive way. By creating photorealistic and high-quality images, real estate agents can attract potential buyers and inspire them to take a closer look at the property. The result is often much more effective than traditional photography, which can be static and limited in its ability to truly capture the features of a property. Just imagine that you can set up the mood, the weather, the lighting and all other details to showcase your project.

In this article, we’ll go over what panoramic 3D renders are and why they’re so essential for real estate businesses and property developers, as well as provide a step-by-step guide on how to create breathtaking renders.

What Is a 3D Panoramic Render?

A panoramic render is an image that has been created using 3D software such as 3Ds Max. It consists of several images stitched together to form one large immersive image that allows the viewer to explore the entire scene from multiple angles. Achieving this requires a lot of work and skill due to having to factor in lighting, textures, color correction, and other elements that need to be taken into account when creating the final render.

Panoramic render can be used for exterior and interior as it even allows to look 360 degrees with a mouse on your browser. In interior case a panoramic renders can be a first step into a 3D walkthrough where you can walk around the property and see all the spaces.

How Panoramic Renders Can Benefit Your Real Estate Business?

Panoramic renders are becoming increasingly popular among real estate businesses due to their stunning results and ability to attract much more viewers compared to simple photographs. By combining reality with computer-generated images (CGI), real estate companies can present their properties in an attractive way that catches potential buyers’ attention.

With panoramic renders, there’s no need for costly photography equipment or trips – everything can be done from the comfort of your own office or home.

Additionally, with panoramic renders you have complete control over how the final image will look like – you can make adjustments at any time without having to pay extra costs or re-shoot anything. This makes it an incredibly cost effective solution for any business looking to showcase their properties in the most impressive way possible

How To Make Breathtaking Panoramic 3D Render For Real Estate:

Gather Reference Images

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Before starting work on your render you need reference images that you can use as guidance while creating your own version of the scene or property you are trying to recreate. This could include anything from photos taken by yourself or stock photos from websites such as Shutterstock or Pinterest.

Pinterest is actually a great place to look for inspiration for exterior and interior as on Pinterest you can find thousands of interior designers and architects who are posting their works.

Other easy way to search for inspiration are google images. Just put the search, for example “scandinavic interior bathroom” and look for your inspiration.

Once you collect your images, you can create a mood board to give you an idea of what colors and themes are most important to the project. Mood boards can help with visualizing the overall look and feel, as well as establish a common language for everyone involved in the project.

It is important for a 3D designer to understand what kind of furniture you want, color palette and other details, so we get a perfect result for you

Set Up Your Scene And Create a Layout

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Once you have all your reference images ready, it’s time to set up the scene within 3D software. This involves importing assets into your project file such as furniture models and environment textures/materials that will help bring life into your renderings.

As it is a panoramic render, there’s actually no need to find best angles, because everything will be visible. What is important – to have a correct standing point from which everything will be possible. In a 3D walkthrough it works a bit different as you can walk in the area, so you can choose as many standing points as you wish.

It is very important to know the whole layout: what stands where, so the 3D designer can set up the scene in the right way for you.

Light Your 3D Scene

3D exterior visualisations of family house

Lighting is key when creating realistic scenes so it’s important not only consider what type of light source should be used but also how it interacts with objects within your scene. We can not stress enough how lighting is pretty much the most important part of your render as it sets the mood, make the materials realistic and makes the whole scene pop.

You could achieve this through natural sunlight coming from windows/skylights or artificial light like lamps/ceiling lights depending on what best suits your environment.

We can use many different options depending on how artistic you want to be: we can use candle lights, chandelier lights, street lights, moon light, morning sun light, evening light, golden hour or any other option to make your renders exceptional.

Do not be afraid to try different options as it will allow you to find one perfect shot.

Experiment with surroundings

3D visualizations in real estate, 3D panoramic render
3D exterior visualization

This tip goes for exterior renderings as surroundings is an essential part of the 3D exterior visualization.

What is not possible with simple photographs, is possible with 3D software and you can add as many details as you want: from people to pets, from playing grounds to walking paths.

If in your architectural plan you have some interesting attractive details and constructions – add them to your render, this will only make your property listings more attractive.

Depending on the project purpose you can add business people, couple of Teslas, elderly couple on a bench or kids playing around and chasing a dog. All of that is possible and makes the visuals more relatable.

Post Production

This often an overlooked part of 3D renderings.

Once you have final renders, you can still make them even better and the most used software here is Photoshop as it allows the details and important parts of you project pop out.

Simply put, with Photoshop you can jazz it up and make your visual even more attractive and immersive.


3D panoramic render is an essential tool for any real estate business looking for ways boost sales by showcasing their properties in more captivating way than traditional photography alone could offer. With the right 3D designers team and knowledge any real estate developer can create beautiful photorealistic scenes & hopefully this article was able provide some insight into how achieve just that.

If you need any help with 3D panoramic renders, we would be more than happy to help you.



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3D exterior visualization of the city

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