3D Floor Plan and Virtual Reality

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3D Floor Plan:
A 3D floor plan is a simulated project or model of a building floor plan. It represents or portrays the bird’s-eye view. It shows the object from the above, considering the perspective as the observer is a bird that is used within the building industry to convey the floor plan and maps better. In a 3D floor plan, the design of walls and doorways, roofs are included. It also consists of the exterior design based on the sizes and shapes of the building. The ceiling is not included in this 3D floor plan. Other feature elements like cabinets, paint color, tiles are not necessary to add in this, but it may add if required. The 3D floor plan assists the architects in describing the floor plans to clients or customers. It allows the clients or homeowners to check the design, and if they want to change anything, they can easily alter it during the phase of the plan.
3D Virtual Reality:
3D Virtual reality is a simulation that can be different or similar to the real-world environment. It uses the headset or motion controller to create realistic images, sensations, and sounds, showing that the person is present in the virtual environment. A person who is using this equipment can look around, move around, or can interact with virtual present elements or items. 3D virtual reality, most commonly used in floor panning.
How 3D virtual reality is used in Floor Plan:
3D virtual reality has become an essential part of every field of life, such as education, medical, it becomes famous in designing a floor plan too. The designer took an idea from the client and then implemented this idea using virtual reality. 3D virtual reality has become so much essential or potential for designers. It may be an initial step of designing mockups, a collaboration of the project, or finishing the design; 3D virtual reality technology possesses the position or place to handle all these stages efficiently because it can allow the client to see the map virtually. As an immersive 3D virtual reality of floor planning, it transports a client from a 2D environment to a 3D environment through which a client can easily observe the floor, roof, sizes, and shapes. This transportation includes three tasks; wall extrusion, the conversion of 2D walls into 3D wall models, object mapping, which is the placement of objects on the floor, and floor reconstruction, which involves the rough idea of the parameters of the model.3D virtual reality floor plan allowing the clients to interact with the virtual environment of a particular floor. This type of interaction will be helpful in feedback from the client. This feedback helps to construct the floor plan design effectively.
Benefits of using 3D virtual reality in floor planning:
Here are some of the advantages of using 3D virtual reality in floor planning:
  • It saves a lot of money and effort. Even if someone spends his/her money on virtual reality equipment, it will be the money well spent.
  • The 3D floor plan built by using virtual reality is helping the clients to view the design in a better form before construction.
  • It provides a high accuracy because of its feedback facility.
  • If someone wants to redecorate the floor, 3D virtual reality is the best realistic view for this plan.
  • A 3D floor plan can be easily edited in the design phase before construction.
  • It is a competitive edge for the property designers, it can be the sales booster as it involves potential customers with the 3D virtual floor plans.
  • It allows the clients to place the objects around check them that either it looks good or not without buying it.
  • The client can see every detail of the floor plan.
It concluded, a 3D floor plan is a view of the floor from above and the relationship between objects and walls. It shows the orthographic 3D projection of the objects. It is much more cost-effective than the 2D model. It includes an excellent appreciation for accuracy and detailing. 3D virtual reality makes it easier for the clients to view their plan virtually and reconstruct it if needed. It becomes the most emerging technology for designing the floor plan. Virtual Reality - Diamant 3D floor plan - Bauxnitt 3D floor plan



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