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Aurimas Pocius

Aurimas Pocius

CEO of ArchVisualizations 3D Studio working in 3D property rendering market from 2011.

3D billboard advertising

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Are you interested to do a 3D Rendering of your real estate project? Please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

3D advertising is the future of all interactive and immersive advertising and is going to become more and more used in marketing campaigns.

Have you seen this extra cool looking huge billboards where lion jumps out from it? It is all done in 3D.

Have you seen these nice new car video ads? Most of them are as well done in 3D. Very often these are not real cars filmed.

All these cool new electronic ads, new packaging, new machines, and even infrastructure projects – very often are all done in 3D.

The future is 3D, the future of presentation is 3D, and the future of advertising is 3D (and AR, but we will talk about it next time).

What is a 3D advertising?

3D advertising is a business practice where the company or business uses 3D-generated images or videos to promote its business.

The field is ever-growing, but in the beginning, 3D was used mostly just in movies to show some cool graphics or a short video; later on, 3D advertising was used in the building industry to promote new constructions, ideas, and architectural designs. These days 3D is used in cars, jewelry, e-commerce, clothes, furniture, and many other industries.

Not only that, 3D is widely used in sciences, engineering studies, or simply in history/science/art museums. 3D expands our way of showing new ideas, our possibilities to present new designs, and is used many other business aspects.

3D advertising is getting more and more popular in all business fields and 3D will not only be used in logo creation, but in overall new product presentations.

Top 10 benefits of 3D advertising

1. You can create photo-realistic visualizations

3D Terrace rendering
3D Terrace rendering

With 3D software, you can create photo-realistic visualizations of any design you have.

It can be a product, a car, a house, a piece of jewelry, or even art. 3D visualizations allow you to show the best possible option for your design.

Not only that, you can put your new product in any environment:

  1. If it is a piece of furniture: you can put it in the apartment.
  2. If it is a car: you can show it on a street.
  3. If it is a new electronics product: you can show it in a home environment, on a person, or wherever you want.
  4. And so on and so forth.

3D visualizations give you a wide variety of options to show your new products.

2. 3D images are very easy to share

3D advertising on mobile phone

3D images are a perfect marketing material to share online.

These days images speak a thousand words, and a 3D video speaks a thousand images.

Social media platforms love graphic content, especially video content which is even more loved and appreciated by the algorithms.

If you have your new product 3D renderings – Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and Facebook are perfect platforms to share them. If you have a 3D video: TikTok or Youtube is always looking for new engaging content.

Not only that: you can easily share your 3D designs via email or post it on your own website.

3D images simply maximize your reach.

3. 3D visualizations modernize your brand

With 3D images, you are able to not only advertise the products you produced or have in your warehouse, but you can also advertise your wildest business ideas.

If you have any new design, which is not just in a prototype phase – you can already start sharing it with the world.

This makes your brand braver, balder, more engaging, modern, sophisticated, and innovative. These are the words you want your business to be described.

This will really help to expand your clientele and get more customers.

4. 3D advertising is very cost-effective

Just imagine if you want to show your new product in 5 colors

1. You have to first sketch the product and make the drawings.

2. Then you have to give it to production.

3. Then wait and see if there are any mistakes and if you want to improve it.

4. Then produce it once again.

5. Then make 5 different color variations.

6. Then hire a photographer, find a venue and do a shooting.

7. And only you get final retouched pictures – you can start advertising.

What if you could jump from point number one to number 7 in a few workdays?

With 3D that is absolutely possible.

You only need the drawings, some material samples, and colors, and all will be modeled in 3D software.

After a few workdays, you will get perfect photo-realistic images ready to be used in your advertising campaign.

You will save huge amounts of money and time.

5. 3D images allow you to make an unlimited amount of product variations

With 3D software, you can literally make an unlimited amount of color, material, size or structure variations.

That allows you to try out different designs in your advertising campaigns and see which variations attract the most comments, likes, or positive feedback.

Maybe your new product will be most loved in red color, not black. Or maybe leather is better than any other fabric?

Using such a 3D marketing strategy you will find the most efficient way to promote your new product while saving tons of money and time.

6. You can sell not only the product but the experience

3D allows you to be as flexible as possible.

You can create not only photo-realistic visualizations, videos, or virtual reality tours. Or AR experiences.

You can give the possibility to your clients to change colors, materials, or other aspects of your product in real-time.

This is a very popular option these days in the e-commerce business for clothes and furniture.

7. You can create any atmosphere for your product or building

3D exterior visualization of the city

3D software is able to create any environment you wish: from a cozy evening in the suburbs to sci-fi futuristic city environments with huge skyscrapers.

Depending on your product or building: we are able to create anything you want.

It can be a golden hour mountain environment for your new car, or it can be a nice suburban atmosphere for your new module house design.

We can stage your new headphones in a contemporary futuristic art background or showcase your new watch in a luxury hotel room.

Everything is possible, everything is doable.

8. 3D advertising increases your conversion rate

As we have mentioned before: 3D visualizations are very easily shareable.

3D graphics: visualizations and videos are very loved by all social platforms.

3D content attracts much more clicks, likes, and comments.

What does that mean?

It means that you are going to get the best possible reach and traffic to your website for the lowest costs.

This is a perfect formula for a high conversion rate.

9. It is very easy to do a full 3D advertising analysis

3d analysis

If you are using 3D images and videos on social media – all social platforms give you a perfect analysis of who clicked, where clicked, and who liked or commented on your posts.

You will get a perfect overview of your target audience.

With a help of 3D images, you can learn so much about your clients that you will not be able to learn otherwise. Such a fast feedback and analysis allows you to adapt and try new better improved marketing strategies.

10. 3D advertising helps you to plan your production

3D images can not only be used in your advertising campaign but they can be used to ease your production processes.

Once you have your first 3D visualizations, you can share them with all your production team, so they see what the final product must look like.

It gives them a full idea of colors, materials, structures, details, sizes, and overall feeling of how the product (or building, or car, or anything else) must look in the end.

This helps to avoid any costly mistakes and misunderstandings.

When you get your 3D renderings – share it with your whole team and the communication regarding the project will be much easier and faster.


In the near future advertising will use much more virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D aspects in all marketing campaigns.

It is so much easier to plan and execute complicated advertising campaigns with a help of 3D elements in it: from a simple 3D sketch of a new product to a fully immersive 3D video. All of these 3D elements will allow your business to expand your reach and attract wider audiences.

If you need any help with any 3D design, please contact us:

All you need to know about 3D advertising

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CEO of ArchVisualizations 3D Studio working in 3D property rendering market from 2011.

Table of Contents

Are you interested to do a 3D Rendering of your real estate project? Please contact us and we will do our best to help you.



Are you interested to do a 3D Rendering of your real estate project?

Please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

3D exterior visualization of the city

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