Interior Design Software Programs to Download in 2024

Aurimas Pocius

Aurimas Pocius

CEO of ArchVisualizations 3D Studio working in 3D property rendering market from 2011.

3D renderings of a hotel

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Are you interested to do a 3D Rendering of your real estate project? Please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Are you looking for an interior designer who can showcase the theoretical image of what your room will look like post-design? Well, while it might not be possible for your designer friend to give you a tour of the prospective design, software can give you a virtual tour of your room well before time.

We have been working since 2011 in 3D rendering space and know how important are 3D interior renderings, so you can clearly see how your future space will look like.

With these tools, you can experience your 3D-designed room even before you start the work. Impressive, right? Learn more about the tools with our comprehensive guidebook about interior design software programs.

What is Interior Design Software?

Interior design software is a tool that you can use to design your personal and commercial buildings. You can use the multiple features and catalogs of each software available for the users to design their project buildings.

These tools come with catalogs that fit with different environments like offices, schools, restaurants, and homes. You can use different decorative objects to add to the architecture of the buildings and visualize the final look.

Furthermore, with various features, you can design and experience either 3D or 2D spaces online. These features will also enable you to save multiple versions of a similar project without any restrictions.

All in all, there is a plethora of interior designing software with multiple features that you can unlock. Continue reading and find out more about the specific features of the top 10 Interior design software of 2024.

Benefits of Interior Design Software

If we say you can experience the interior design of your office, your home, or a  restaurant even before the designer has started working, would you believe it? Well, it might seem prospective, but with the interior designing software, we can experience the future! Yes! This software gives you a 3D virtual tour of the interior of your buildings.

Using the software, you can control your color theme, styles, and furniture layout which sum up to create the overall look of your room. You can use these tools to see what value will a certain piece of furniture add to your personal and commercial space.

You need not worry about design flaws or fashion discrepancies with interior design software. The interior designing software enables you to draw precise dimensions and correct parameters for the rooms and other spaces. Resultantly, you get a design that you can rely on, and that will satisfy your clients.

Designers can access their projects from anywhere, promoting flexibility and the ability to work remotely. This is particularly beneficial for teams across different locations or designers who prefer a mobile work environment.

Furthermore, interior design software often includes libraries of design elements, textures, and materials, allowing users to stay updated on current trends. Designers can experiment with new styles and materials to keep their work fresh and appealing to clients.

If you have specific requirements and preferences, you can customize designs to meet them. It provides the designs considering your satisfaction and ensures that it aligns with your demands.

1. Cedreo

Name Price Level OS/Platform Latest Version Mobile


Cedreo Starting from the €199/project, 

Free version

Amateurs and professionals can use it Online/ Website based 2022 No 4.5

Are you looking for a site where you can design both the exterior and interior spaces of your project buildings? Cedreo is one of the websites that will help you create photorealistic 3D renderings

Using its latest version, you can visualize the 3D design in a matter of seconds and can use multiple decorative objects to design both the exterior and the interior of your project spaces. Furthermore, you can manage the sun orientation, and customize the background of the buildings with the help of Cedreo.

For those of you who want an instant 3D home design, Cedreo is the best choice. With Cedreo, you can design a home within two hours, including designs like terrain modeling and floor, site, elevation, cross-section, and roof plans at a single forum.

Cedreo has a vast and diverse catalog of furnishing and home decor objects that are available for users to design their projects. To your surprise, this site offers 3000 such objects and includes pets like dogs and cats. You can also add human beings for a more personalized view of your future interior design.

Furthermore, the latest version of Cedreo lets you select the suitable paint colors, flooring, and tiles for the project design. You can select from the diverse and large library of customizable surface coverings, textures, and materials.

Here are some of the pros and cons you will get after getting a Cedreo membership

Pros Cons
Extensive features The Free version does not include most of the crucial features.
Template modification within minutes
User-friendly Interface
Export the design in GIF and HTML format
You can import third-party templates


2. Sweet Home 3D


Name Price Level OS/Platform Mobile App Rating
Sweet Home 3D Free

Average cost: 16$/month

13% offers free trial

48% offer freemium model

For beginners and amateurs Windows,

Linux, macOS,



None  4.5

There are many interesting features that you can enjoy while using this software. You can get these features from the library of the most updated version of Sweet Home 3D.

  • You can change the layout of your room by modifying its color scheme. Also, you can increase or decrease the lengths, widths, and heights of your walls and ceilings.

The position and placement of your furniture can be adjusted as well. 

  • A mouse or keyboard can be used to draw precise-sized flat, curved, or inclining walls.
  • You may drag doors and windows into the blueprint, and Sweet Home 3D will calculate where they should be in the walls.
  • If you want to make your design furnished, there is an option of adding an accessible and flexible track. This track has different sections. You can arrange this track in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • You can see your map in a 3D version after drawing it in 2D. 
  • PDF files, graphical designs and 3D data can be transferred. 
  • You can create a modified version on the foundation of the Model View Controller design to increase the functionality of Sweet Home 3D.


Pros Cons
You can get 3D layouts of your room. The most recent version does not adjust with earlier ones.

Support for a limited selection of formats

Starters and amateurs can operate it easily.  It cannot function with enough formats. You can use a very limited selection of formats using this software.
It provides the images of superior quality.
Designs, layouts, and all other tasks are customized.
It tells you the best location and position for your furniture, doors, and windows.
There is the option for adding a picture to your design.




Name Price Level OS/Platform Mobile App Latest 


SketchUp Free

SketchUpGo: €109/year


€ 319/year

SketchUp Studio: € 689/year





Web Based

No Application 2022 4.5


With SketchUp commercial 3D, you can do all that’s needed for interior designing, including tenant improvement and corporate interiors. Furthermore, SketchUp enables you to communicate with the stakeholders and share high-quality images and videos of the designs in the process. As a result, you can avoid expensive revisions.

You can use your creative space on SketchUp without any app disturbances. No matter what you are creating on the software, from pencil sketches to interior designing a building, you can do it, and the software won’t interfere with your creative process. With its latest version, you can model the rooms and furniture using the 3D version. 

SketchUp offers six types of software memberships, including SketchUp Free, SketchUp Pro, Sketchup Studio, SketchUp Studio for Higher Education, SketchUp Studio for Universities, and the newly added SketcUp Go. 

The latest product added to the SketchUp library is SketchUp for iPad. You can use the SketchUp Go on your iPad. Using Trimble Connect, you can upload your projects to the cloud. These uploaded projects can then be accessed and modified using the 3D SketchUp tools.

Pros Cons
You can add markings and directions to your projects when using the software Free Version offers only a limited library of objects and options. But you can access the diverse library through the internet
You can share your finished projects with stakeholders. You cannot change the parameters of your model after you have created the final version.
You can work with layers. After the software update, you might not be able to open some of the models.
SketchUp offers a huge library of 3D objects, textures, and models.
You can use the third-party plugins and view the projects.


4. Design a Room


Name Price Level OS/Platform Mobile App Rating
Design a 


Free For beginners and amateurs Web-based/



Are you confused about how to finalize the setup of your new house? Or are you the one who doesn’t want to spend extra money on decorating martial material for your house due to inflation?

In both cases, this software is going to be a blessing for you. As the name shows, it is particularly specialized to design your apartment or room.

Design a Room is an excellent free home design tool. You have a number of options for template photographs to begin decorating the interior of a space. Next, you can alter the color and texture of the furniture, floor, and walls. 

Pros Cons
It processes the data very quickly. It doesn’t allow enough subscriptions
A number of templates for pictures are available as options.

You can also use your own picture.

There is no availability of the description of the tool.


5. RoomToDo


Name Price Level OS/Platform Latest Version Mobile App
RoomToDo Free Beginners and Amateurs Online or Web-based 2023 No App

RoomToDo is an online software used for interior designing that offers an intuitive interface and diverse tools. With the latest version of the tool, you can plan, design, and even decorate your commercial and residential buildings.

You can use hundreds of available furniture objects and other decorative options to design the interior of your buildings. You can even customize all these objects according to your needs and preferences. In addition to that, you can resize the objects and create a medley of the available objects. 

Furthermore, the latest version of the RoomToDo interface enables you to switch between the three view modes of 3D. For instance, you can view the Drawing mode to design the architect of the building. You can view the building map in 2D or 3D mode to place the furniture and plan its alignment. To get a look inside the room, you can use the First Person View mode, which enables you to walk around the rooms.

One of the advantages of working at RoomToDo is that you can save every version of the project. You can save unlimited versions of a single project and share it with your friends or post on Facebook. With the Panorama 360, you can get an immersive experience of the design.


Pros Cons
You can get a Virtual 3D walk inside the building. Its functioning depends on the internet connection.
You can create a realistic rendering of the room in 2D with ease. Fewer prototypes for interior designing
A huge library of windows, finishes, furniture, and doors
It gives suggestions for repair.


6. Floorplanner


Name Price Level OS/Platform Latest Version Rating
FloorPlanner Free, Fees starting from $5 for paid versions Professionals and Amateurs Online


2022 4.1

Floorplanner is an online interior designing software that you can use to construct a building map and design its interior with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. If you are a beginner, Floorplanner is a place to be for you. It is easy to use and design the building.

With its huge library, you can use as many as 260,000 objects to design and map your buildings without any extra cost. You can find impressive and decent furniture objects in the updated library of the software.

On Floorplanner, you can add interiors from well-known brands and manufacturers to make your commercial and residential buildings look like your dream place. Furthermore, you can choose between common objects like plants, animals, trees, cars, and even classroom elements. Not only that, you can also add party items, pools, hot tubs, and even dinosaurs.

Floorplanner lets you play with the light settings and background themes to create a perfect vibe for the room you have designed. However, it was originally created for interior designing but it has long been used for exterior designing as well. You can also look into the examples of 3D renders of exteriors and interiors on their official websites.

Pros Cons
High-Quality Visuals The users cannot draw scaled lines.
Intuitive interface and is an easy choice for beginners. It takes a lot of your time to create floors with the same dimensions.
Huge library for home decor or interior designing. You cannot upload your models to the library.


7. Infurnia


Name Price Level OS/Platform Rating
Infurnia  Free/Starts from $125 per month. Professionals, Amateurs Online 

Web Based



Infurnia is a cloud-based software that enables easy interior designing with its huge library and custom shapes that one can use in the design process. With its 2D/3D floor plan design, you can easily design the floor and name the room. You can also mark the room type and add doors, windows, and columns that suit the building themes. Furthermore, you can convert between the 2D and 3D models as well.

The wall design and treatment feature lets you create tile patterns of your client’s choice. You can decorate the walls using custom shapes and apply decorative material using its recently updated version. In addition to this, the Design Modular Interiors feature gives you access to hundreds of cabinets, TV units, and wardrobes from the catalog.

The catalog offers you a plethora of furniture, furnishings, props, and appliances provided by multiple brands.

Pros Cons
You can access products shared by the brands. It can be difficult to use for beginners.
It is platform-independent.
Real-time support and built-in tutorials.
Create photorealistic renderings 


8. IKEA Home Planner


Name Price Level OS/Platform
Ikea Kreativ Free Beginners Online

Web Based

Ikea Kreative helps you plan and design your kitchen and create wardrobe and living room storage solutions that go by the themes of your interior. Get an online representation of how your room will look and then add the product to the cart.

With Ikea Kreativ Home design, you can change the wall colors and create your own designs. This software offers multiple themes for a room ranging from Neutral Standards to Bright Spacious to Open Spacious to Cozy Corner.

As a beginner interior designer, you can take a baby step with already-designed rooms. You can get the designed rooms, including office rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, dorm rooms, and dining rooms. You can also add filters to see semi-furnished or furnished ideas of rooms in Ikea’s gallery.

The designs can range from playful living oases to flexible modern bedrooms to compact single dorms to vista farmhouse dining vista.

Pros Cons
Easy to use You can only add the interior objects from the catalog of Ikea only.
You can move the objects at your will. Outdated interface.



Name Price Level OS/Platform Mobile App Rating
Dream plan Free 

For non-commercial use

For beginners and amateurs Windows,


None 3.5

You can not only see but also design the three-dimensional image of your home with the help of this software. It has the features of the interior as well as exterior design, such as landscapes, lawns, and gardens. You can also remodel your house and buildings through it. After making the design according to your desire, you can rotate it at 360 degrees. If there’s any object that cannot fit in your design, you can rotate it and adjust its size. 

You can create each room separately and incorporate more than one story if you’d like.

Pros Cons
It has a camera that is used to observe your house from different angles. When you are observing a design, you cannot adjust the angle with the mouse.
It is compatible with Windows, Android, and macOS devices. You cannot access enough items using this software.


10. Planner 5D

Name Price Level OS/Platform Mobile App Rating
Planner 5D Free For professionals and amateurs Windows, 





and iOS 

Android, iOS 3.5


You can operate this software through a web browser. You can design rooms of different shapes and build houses and buildings of more than one story. It helps you finish your houses according to your choice. You can select the arrangements of your furniture as well. This software allows you to create an animated visit of your virtual construction. 

Pros Cons
Comfortable and simple to use No project technical part Th
It has the latest and updated interface. It uses a lot of memory, and performance is very slow and sluggish if the hardware is not updated.
There is an availability of enough tools. The technical parts of your task are lacking
It is feasible to design the space in the required shape of a vast collection of various goods, ranging from furnishings and home decor to hues and textures. You cannot get a functional furniture gallery without payment.
Integrated layouts of the room are available. Your projects cannot be stored in all types of files.



We have discussed the most updated versions of Interior design software in this article. When you are going to download any software, you should take into account whether it would be compatible with the nature of your task or not. Besides this, your requirements and level of experience also matter a lot. 

There are many applications that provide free trials, so you may check out their features before committing. Having these advanced tools at your disposal, you’ll be ready to realize your interior design ideas in 2024.

Interior Design Software Programs to Download in 2024

Article by
CEO of ArchVisualizations 3D Studio working in 3D property rendering market from 2011.

Table of Contents

Are you interested to do a 3D Rendering of your real estate project? Please contact us and we will do our best to help you.



Are you interested to do a 3D Rendering of your real estate project?

Please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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