CGI for property developers

3d exterior visualization

3D CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is a 3D rendering software used not only for property developers, but for various other simulations. 3D CGI is used to create and design a rocket, sink a ship, melt the chocolate, and pour the pint perfectly these are the animation that CGI did very efficiently. The 3D CGI phoenix is the all in one dynamic fluid simulation tool that is used by the artists. For the purpose to create realistic effects like smoke, fire, liquids, mist, and many others, it refers to a fast setup that is used in the built-in presets and easy to control. 3D CGI and its FD phoenix are also available in the Autodesk 3D Maya and Max designs and software. It uses ray-tracing technologies and the proprietary scene to adapt the intelligence to create them in distinguish and imagery photographs. It distributes the light accurately and has physical properties as well that calculates any material.

cgi for property developers
3d exterior visualization

CGI is broadly using multiple industries just like architectural visualization, advertising, and giving the visual effects in the television and films, etc. In order to receive higher returns, it is important to eliminate the guesswork from the early stages of property development. If customers cannot visualize what they are purchasing, they are much less likely to invest in projects. This is also a fantastic time to iron out any design elements that need changing, as we can easily alter aspects such as brick color and window design, to make sure the build goes without a hitch. Once the build has taken place, any design changes will be costly, both in terms of time and money. Therefore, it is good to eliminate this risk early on with exterior CGI’s of entire buildings and their surroundings.

cgi for property developers

In today’s modern era CGI is becoming the leading rendering software of 3D and because of its versatility, it starts using in small firms and widen studios around the globe. Industries that are now using 3D v-ray rendering software that includes architecture, interior designing, animation, fashion, apparel, and design in production. By employing Property CGI developer to model your property, your prospective buyers will be able to view specific site details without having to visit the site or even wait for the project to be completed. This has been proven to vastly increase interest and sales. All we need from you is the full plan from your architect and information regarding your building’s appearance including materials, colors, and any other external features, and we will provide you with a complete CGI image as soon as possible. CGI property developers give the following benefits that include:

  • By speeding up the acquisition of consent from local authorities
  • Clearly and accurately conveying the building’s design
  • Understanding the context of the proposed building, in relation to the surrounding
    materials and infrastructure
  • Demonstrating the distinctive nature of your development
  • Creating professionally crafted images for marketing material, before the
    infrastructure is built
  • Share images of your proposed properties on social media, in order to publicize
    your site and increase capital investment

    3D Exterior visualization
    3D Exterior visualization

How to make perfect CGI for your property?

To make CGI as photo realistic as possible, we would need to get this information from you:

  1. Accurate drawings. It is very important to have the drawings not only of the building, but as well of surroundings (if that is accessible). The drawings of the streets, surroundings, elevations and all other details are very important to the end result.
  2. Materials. The designers must be provided with all materials which will be used in the project: facade materials, doors, windows and any other structures.
  3. Colors. It is important to have all the colors which will be used in the project.
  4. Angles. To have a very realistic overview of the future project it is crucial to choose good view point angles. The most popular ones are from the ground view and bird view, but from time to time it is good to be playful: maybe a view from a balcony? Maybe a view from the kitchen window or playing ground? That gives a realistic real life feel.
  5. Number of pictures. The perfect number of CGI for property developers depend on the size of the project. If it is multiple house project – better to have more views to show different places and aspects/advantages of the plot. If it is just one house – couple of images from ground view and bird view will suffice.
  6. Mood. The mood is mostly undervalued in the pictures, but if you choose a golden hour – you will never lose. Once sun is getting down and some of the windows already have lights lit up… It is a perfect mood for your CGI.
  7. Time of the year. With the technologies of CGI these days, it is possible to do anything you wish: winter time, autumn, wet streets, blooming flowers and so on. If you want to be playful: you can show the place in different times of the year to get the full picture.

CGI is crucial these days for property developers and we would be happy to help you with that.

If you have any questions regarding CGI for exterior or interior, please contact our sales manager and we will be happy to help you:



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3D exterior visualization of the city

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