Architect events 2023

Architect events

As an architect, you are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to stay ahead of the game, so what architect events you can attend in 2023?

With the sheer number of architect events in the USA every year, it can be difficult to narrow down which ones to attend. To help make your decision easier, this article will discuss why attending architecture events is important and provide a list of seven of the best events for architects in the USA and the world in 2023.

Why Should You Visit Architect Events?

Attending architecture-related events not only provides you with a chance to learn about new trends and developments in the industry but also allows you to network with peers and potential employers.

Oftentimes, these events will also include presentations from experts on topics pertinent to architects as well as panel discussions that offer valuable insights into how different approaches can be used to achieve success. Furthermore, these architect events can be great places to get your hands on tangible materials such as brochures, pamphlets, and magazines that may further expand your knowledge and awareness of architecture-related subjects.

In addition to gaining access to invaluable resources and networking opportunities, attending an architect event could open up doors for collaborations with other professionals who share similar interests.

Many people find that by connecting with others at such events they create long-lasting friendships and business opportunities. Therefore, attending an architectural event is essential if you want to stay current on industry news and find yourself partaking in exciting projects or initiatives.

We have listed events which mostly take place in the USA where you can learn from inspiring leaders, other projects, take place in competition or simply improve your skills in a software. These events will not only help you to find new business partners, but learn more, get better, get smarter, get faster. It is an overall architect improvement package.

7 Best Events for Architects in The USA and the world in 2023

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Convention

This highly anticipated annual convention offers attendees a chance to hear from leaders in the field while taking part in tours around some of America’s most innovative buildings. The AIA Convention provides plenty of opportunities for networking with fellow architects as well as exhibits showcasing cutting-edge products and services related to architecture design.

Learn from the inspiring leaders in the field and deepen your knowledge in the field.

More information here: AIA Convention

Architecture Exchange East (AEX)

This biannual event focuses on bringing together leading minds from various backgrounds throughout the east coast when it comes to topics related to design innovation, building safety regulations, construction technology advancements, green building practices, sustainability issues, etc. Attendees have the opportunity explore exhibition booths displaying various tools used by architects while keynotes are given featuring top thought leaders offering advice on successful strategies for tackling major projects.

More information here: AEX

SketchUp 3D Basecamp

This annual conference sponsored by SketchUp is designed specifically for 3D modelers operating in all areas of architecture from interior design through landscape planning. Participants benefit from workshops teaching them how best utilize SketchUp for document production purposes as well as discovering tips and tricks related drawing models faster or smarter than ever before.

If you are modelling in SketchUp – this is a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge and learn the newest features. This will allow you to work smarter, faster, better.

More information here: SketchUp 3D Basecamp

Autodesk University

Yet another conference which is aimed at software users running any version Autodesk design programs this annual gathering has become one go-to destinations when it comes advancing one’s skillset through engaging lectures led by veteran industry advisors while making connections with peers along way too; there simply isn’t better opportunity becoming acquainted latest offerings provided Autodesk than AU allows visitors do inside one week’s time period.

This is a great place to learn more and get further in your field: no matter if you are designing interiors, engineering facades or sketching furniture – everyone can learn something more and get a competitive edge in the market.

More information here: Autodesk University

World Architecture Festival (WAFX)

Held each year Europe this international platform celebrates world excellence when comes both past present achievements belonging many renowned figures active field worldwide; additionally WAFX serves resourceful bridge between emerging younger generation established veterans seeking teach next wave promising designers useful techniques bettering trade admirable mannerism .

Even though in 2023 it will take place in Singapore, it is really worth visiting this event not only to look for possible business partners, but just to explore the architectural world as it is pretty much the biggest event there is for architects.

In the even they as well award the best projects in many categories: from small architecture to best engineering, to the best use of light to 3D visualizations. So everyone who works in the world of architecture can apply.

More information here: World Architecture Festival (WAFX)

DesignBuild Conference & Expo

Covering range topics ranging from how develop cost effective budget strategies all way through understanding modern construction methods utilized today’s top contractors DBExpo serves valuable asset those wanting update their skill set subject matter allowing them take advantage latest technologies help business thrive under challenging environment we living 2020+ future.

More information here: DesignBuild Conference

International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF NYC)

A great place for architects who specialize in furniture designs or are working on projects involving furniture elements, ICFF NYC gives attendees insights into what’s trending within the furniture industry while bringing together some of the greatest minds within this area so that they can connect over ideas pertaining everything from material selection through manufacturing techniques utilized today’s top companies.

If you are planning to model new spaces this year – you must know what is trending in the field of furniture design. This will not only give you inspiration, but allows you to create best architectural spaces.

More information here: ICFF NYC


With so many options available across all areas related to architecture it can be hard finding right one fit needs; however understanding importance attending evidenced above makes decision much easier thanks detailed outline provided article. Attending any number these seven exceptional events located in the USA and around the world during year 2023 should provide beneficial experience filled productive information allowing individuals become fully versed modern times think far more effectively when attempting accomplish complex tasks associated field going forward.

Architect events in 2023 offer a wide variety of options and possibilities to different architects no matter your field and niche.



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