Applications of 3D Virtual Reality

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3D virtual reality is one of the most used terms nowadays. Almost every industry is using this technology to enhance their product value and customer satisfaction. It is a simulated environment or image that is created by computer technologies. A person can cooperate with the atmosphere and other persons through this technology. There are a lot of virtual reality games, but this technology would make our future in so many different ways than gaming. A lot of applications of the 3D virtual reality are out there. Some of them are listed below: Health Care:  The health care is one of the most significant fields that has possessed the virtual reality in their work. It has a substantial impact on their work. The Doctors can prepare themselves before actual surgery by practicing on virtual bodies. VR can also be used as a pain killer on burn injuries. Healthcare professionals can also learn new skills in a safe environment. One of the best applications of 3D virtual reality is human simulation software. With the help of this software doctors. Nurses and patients can interact in a 3D environment. A lot of other applications like virtual reality diagnosis, the virtual robotic surgery, visual reality therapies, virtual reality in phobia treatment, and many others are also available. Military:  All three military (army, air, and navy) use virtual reality in their work. It helps the soldiers to get their training done in an authentic environment. They can easily create a specific situation like engage with an enemy. They can prepare themselves and take all the steps without real-world danger. Some 3D virtual reality uses in the military are flight simulation, virtual boot camp, battlefield simulation, and others. Sports: The 3D virtual reality is now a big part of games. It helps in training the players in a lot of games like athletic, golf, cycling, skiing, and many others. It helps them to measure their performance and analyze their techniques. One of the best use of VR for athletes is virtual reality performance. They can check different aspects of their performance and change them. Another method is designing the sports and equipment for players. It can also bring a sports event near the audience. Education:  Education is one of those areas which has adopted the concept of virtual reality at first. They use this for learning and teaching purposes. Different companies are making 3D classrooms and learning spaces so that the students can learn from all over the world. One of the most significant advantages of VR is in the field of astronomy. Students can physically see the solar system and can work with objects. Students are aware of all mobile technologies. So, it would be beneficial if these technologies would implement is visual reality. Entertainment: The use of virtual reality in the entertainment industry is immensely increasing. They are making 360 films to grow the audience’s connection with the characters. People can feel themselves in their world and meeting with their dream characters. 3D glasses are one of the best ways for this. Audiences wear these glasses, which include stereoscopic lenses, which help them to see the 3D objects and their movements. Other areas are virtual museums, theater, the galleries, and virtual theme parks. It is very beneficial in this field. Construction and Real Estate: Construction and real estate is another industry that is getting advantages with 3D virtual reality. In construction work, you don’t need to waste your time and money on construction. You can have a pre-constructed model in a 3D view. You can easily see and check the structure. This would also help in reducing the number of mistakes in the final completed building. In real estate work, clients want to see the house or building before buying. It must be time-consuming and can create discomfort. With the help of the 3D technique, they can easily visit the house or build their home. No amount of time and money is needed. Other Applications:  There are many other different applications, including fashion, business, media, retail, telecommunication, programming languages, automotive industry, art and design, marketing, tourism, heritage, news, and journalism. Virtual reality - office Virtual reality - 3D Interior rendering 3D interior rendering



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