Why real estate companies should use 3D walkthroughs in their listings

3D walkthrough in real estate

3D walkthrough in real estate is getting more and more popular as it gives a much more immersive experience.

Real estate companies in the last years have been using traditional marketing techniques such as photography, virtual tours and 3D floor plans for some time now to promote their listings. However, with the improvements of new technologies such as 3D walkthroughs, real estate firms are able to take their marketing efforts to a whole new level.

What is a 3D walkthrough?

3D walkthrough in real estate

A 3D walkthrough is a fully immersive virtual experience that takes prospective buyers through a property, allowing them to explore every corner of the house or building from the comfort of their own home.

What is great about 3D walkthroughs is that you can create them completely just from the drawings: no need to have a real building. Do not make a mistake with a virtual tour of Matterport, where you need a real building, go to that building, film it and then render a virtual tour which you can use on your website or where ever else you need. A 3D walkthrough is another kind of tool: to make photorealistic 3D walkthroughs you only need the drawings, materials, colors and other descriptions which you should give to your 3D designer, who will be able to make a realistic tour of the building which now is only in the drawins.

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A 3D walkthrough is an incredibly powerful tool for real estate companies due to its ability to draw potential buyers in like no other form of media. The technology offers users an interactive way to explore properties in detail and make informed decisions based on their impressions. It allows firms to showcase properties more effectively than ever before and provides potential clients with greater control over their viewing experience. Real estate firms should strongly consider utilizing 3D walkthroughs in order to maximize their exposure and provide customers with unforgettable experiences.

Why should real estate companies use 3D walkthroughs?

3D walkthrough in real estate

There are many different use cases for 3D walkthroughs within the real estate industry, ranging from decision-making tools for prospective buyers, showcasing tools for sales agents, as well as promotional materials used by developers and architects alike.

Regardless of whether it’s used internally or externally, 3D walkthroughs provide users with crystal clear clarity when it comes to viewing properties from both inside and out. This makes it easy for companies to engage viewers from all angles and highlight features that would otherwise be hidden or difficult to capture in traditional imaging techniques.

Benefits of 3D walkthrough for real estate companies

3D walkthrough in real estate

In terms of marketing effectiveness, there are numerous benefits associated with the use of 3D walkthroughs. Here are seven reasons why real estate companies should consider utilizing this powerful technology:

It increases visibility

By creating fully immersive experiences that draw potential buyers into a property’s atmosphere and features, 3D walkthroughs allow companies to make properties stand out from the competition while increasing visibility across multiple platforms.

You will not only allow your possible clients to view your 3D visualizations from different angles, but you will provide a complete 360 degrees immersive experience. Your future clients will be possible to walk around in the property, view all the areas, zoom in, turn around and so on. This gives the best possible impression about the new project.

It enhances engagement

With highly engaging visuals that leave an indelible impression on viewers, 3D walkthroughs help create memorable experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

3D walkthroughs in real estate listings allows not only view the images, but to play around, which will increase engagement, because users usually prefer more immersive experiences and presentations.

It improves decision-making abilities

By providing customers with all relevant details regarding a property prior to making any decisions, firms can increase customer satisfaction levels through improved accuracy.

3D walkthroughs simply provide much more information about the property: about the layout, possible furniture, views from the windows, etc. Such full-scale information allows clients to make decisions much faster.

It reduces costs

Financially speaking, investing in 3D walkthrough technology is far more cost-effective than traditional photography sessions.

Just imagine that you can do a full immersive experience before the building is even built. You will not have to wait before the construction is done and can prepare impressive presentations right now.

It saves time

Rather than wasting time organizing multiple viewings or dealing with dissatisfied customers after seeing incomplete images online, firms can simply use 3D walkthroughs instead.

You can use your 3D walkthrough on your website, listings, social media, etc. This will save you tons of time, as all the possible clients can simply view your project on their phone or computer. It is much faster and you will have to show your projects to only really interested clients.

It increases user control

Unlike conventional pictures or videos where users can only observe what’s presented in front of them, 3D walkthrough technology allows them to move around freely within a property’s environment.

This allows your clients to get much more information in a kind of playful way. They can walk around, investigate all the small details, feel the building or the apartment.

It encourages exploration

By allowing users to explore properties at their own leisurely pace without fear of missing anything important due to limited viewing times offered by traditional techniques.


3D walkthrough in real estate projects is an ever growing possibility, because as you saw above, the benefits of using this way of presentation are superior to simple real estate images.

Your clients can explore your project and get much more information than a few photographies.

This will increase your brand image, will get much more exposure and guarantee better sales.



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